Bloom in Her Silence: Poem with Audio

you’re empty now but soon you will bloom and the flowers will erupt from between your teeth and blossom in the sun the wind will caress their cheeks and you will flush red like the color of your dress oh dear boy you are a mess eyeliner dripping with the tears smeared inkblots for your wife to interpret

and her silence has a shape

it’s heavy

and thick

a cross

you carry


the streets

and the musk of bodies makes you swoon as you slip through the tide of skin and clothes (oh they only stare because they’re starving, dear) and you get lost in the hair colors and the strides the bubbles of being you admire as they shudder and warp in the wind —

and her silence has a shape

hold it close

and bloom

I went out in the middle of a tropical storm to shoot this © Sam Archer

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