Crony capitalism is capitalism.
Leopold C

So you cite a Politico article that states how Jon Stewart used his stature to influence policy and another Op ed piece to back your argument. Did you even read the articles? “The Baffler” itself is a publication devoted entirely to opinions and criticism, not fact.

As far as socialism is concerned, it will never work. It is diametrically opposed to crony capitalism. You are suggesting that instead of business owners living off of the blood, sweat and tears of the worker, those who do not work or refuse to work, live off of the blood, sweat and tears of the worker. You are focusing on the system without taking into consideration human nature. It is human nature to get as much as one can with doing as little as possible. That is what leads to crony capitalism. Not to mention that in a socialistic society, the individual self worth is greatly diminished. It is also human nature to want recognition and reward for hard work.

You insist that crony capitalism is the inevitable result of capitalism itself. I’m inclined to disagree. Look at the Nordic countries. They are capitalistic societies and have fended off crony capitalism. The best formula in a monetary based economy is capitalism with an adequate social safety net with equality of opportunity. Otherwise, you would have the same result with pure socialism or crony capitalism. It’s just a matter of who is disenfranchised.

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