Comedy can be effective propaganda; propaganda meant to pacify a population that should be rightly…
Leopold C

You are insinuating that because comedians took a job with NBC, CBS, ABC etc… that they serve the Neoliberal agenda. That is a blanket statement and simply not true. Just because comedians help us laugh at a situation, does not mean they normalize it. If someone makes a joke about Hitler, that doesn’t mean they think the Holocaust was okay.

Jon Stewart was a brilliant at political satire. His work on “The Daily Show” was pointing out the hypocrisy of our government officials. What I fear may have happened is that people look at him as the gold standard in political comedy for progressives. What one has to realize is that not everyone has the same views or comedic styles. Especially when it comes to politics. Everything is nuanced.

I am tired of “progressives” blaming capitalism for their problems. Capitalism is not the problem. Crony Capitalism is the problem. There is a difference. Capitalism and socialism are both man made. There are problems with both. The key is finding the right balance.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that the writer was absolutely right about everything. What is really troubling is that she assumes that the American people aren’t smart enough to know what is actually going on in the country and that they all get their news from late night shows. That sounds a bit condescending to me.

The truth is, her article is nothing more than an op ed piece. Once you start straying from the facts, then you run into the danger of becoming a leftist Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh.

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