There’s a book that I have had on my bookshelf for many years, but never picked it up to read. In fact, I have it in multiple formats: paperback, audiobook, and ebook. Each format represents a time when I made the purchase with a desire to read, but never got around to starting the book. In fact, I vividly remember hearing a mentor of mine, Dr. Mark Chironna, mention it as one of the most important books that any individual will ever read. Finally, I am getting around to reading the book. It is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

The book encompasses the power of faith, desire, and determination to see any dream come to fruition. What I am taking away, more than anything else so far into the read, is the necessity of allowing my words to create my world. For years I made a practice, every morning, of engaging in a series of positive confessions that clarified my thoughts, goals and desires for the day. Somewhere down the line, I stopped this habit. Well… I’m back at it.

This concept isn’t new, and it wasn’t even first realized by Napoleon Hill, significantly influenced by Andrew Carnegie. In the Bible you find Paul, writing to the new church in Rome, telling them that “faith comes by hearing.” The most vital component to faith, no matter what it is for, is “hearing.” If you desire faith for a change in a circumstance you are in (whether marriage, finances, job, family, etc.), my question is this: What are you consistently hearing that is influencing your faith to receive what you desire?

Often times, unknowingly, we end up hearing things that decrease our faith to see our desired outcome. But if we want to see positive results, we need to intentionally allow ourselves to consistently hear things that will increase our faith to see our desired outcome. I have found that the most powerful influence in my own life is when I hear things FROM MYSELF that increase my faith. It’s one thing to listen to someone else or read another person’s book. But when we are able to take the knowledge we learn from reading and listening and then speak out things that increase our faith on a consistent basis, there is something that happens on the inside of us. We begin to believe, like never before, that we will see the dream in our hearts come to pass.

So, I’m gonna keep reading the book and applying what I learn. I’m back in the habit of daily confessions, declarations & meditation. And I know it will yield dividends and allow my dreams to come to pass.

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