Time to fix your Kitchen Sink

I’m not a handyman. As much as I enjoy learning new things, and realize I’d probably save myself a lot of money if I knew how to build & fix things on my own, being a handyman just doesn’t come easy to me. That being the case, when you own your own home, being somewhat of a handyman is par for the course.

Last night was one of those times. I came home and discovered a leak under the kitchen sink. I took apart the PVC piping and through a process of elimination found the leak to be coming from the where the drain sits in the sink. I unscrewed the Locknut, and removed the strainer. When I did, I discovered a colossal mess. The plumber’s putty that had originally been used when the house was built 9 years ago had decayed into a nasty gook. It had seeped down past the rubber O-ring and corroded the Locknut completely. So, at 9:30p, Jenny and I made an emergency run to Lowe’s to get new parts to replace the Kitchen Sink strainer…. Needless to say, after $32, 2 hours of my evening, and a lot of slow learning, we have a new kitchen sink strainer.

I was thinking about that process this morning and thought about how easy it is for all of us to neglect something in our life because we think it’s ok. We do it in many areas of our life: health, personal growth, faith, family, work, etc. We often forget that the natural order of things is to decay, and not to increase. Whatever grows in our life is something we make a concentrated effort to cultivate. If you want to grow in health, you have to eat properly and exercise. If you want to grow in your relationships, you have to devote time and attention to those relationships. If you want to grow personally, you have to read and learn to increase your knowledge. If you want to advance in faith, you can’t rely on what you heard about God in the past. You need to cultivate a relationship with God today.

Decay is never fun. Dealing with junk is never enticing. But it is something that is vital if we are to function at our best. I have a feeling that I have more than one sink strainer that needs to be checked out and possibly changed. It’s definitely going to be in my best interest to inspect them before I end up with a problem like I had last night. Whatever we do not maintain will eventually decay and die. For sure, we’ll be better off if we take the time to analyze our life and course-correct, rather than let something go, only to have it fall apart.

Are the most important relationships in your life growing or decaying? Are you learning how to be more productive and profitable at work? Or are you just collecting a paycheck and slowly becoming less beneficial to your company? Is a relationship with God something you say you have but, in reality, give little thought and attention to on a daily basis? It might be time to analyze and replace some things in your life. You might find some gunk that has built up and needs to be removed.

Like it was for me last night…. it might be time to fix your kitchen sink.