The Unthinkable Is Happening in Our Own ‘Backyard’
Jenna Elfman

I don’t understand

  • why parents feel that they have to get their children smart phones, tablets, or computers before they have gotten their first job;
  • why parents let their children use such things in private when they do get them;
  • why people feel that any type of sexual exploitation is okay, coerced or not;
  • why people don’t ask themselves, “If my child were participating in this activity, would I feel comfortable watching?”
  • why, even if they are uncomfortable with the answer to that question, they still feel that the activity is acceptable, and may even watch it;
  • why we teach children that it is not okay to defend themselves in school;
  • why we teach teenagers that we expect them to unzip their pants rather than teaching them to keep their pants zipped.
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