One thing to consider is the content of the message.

It would take a pretty strange character to marry Johnny Depp — male or female.

But in all seriousness, I appreciate your honesty and respectfulness, Amy. That is why even though I disagree with your worldview on this matter, I recommended your post.

Your reference to colonialism is unclear in the context of the rest of your statement. Are you referring to the treatment of Native and/or African Americans?

As to the rest: there are some conservatives who share your concerns. But that is one of many disagreements among conservatives. We also disagree about how to manage immigration, geopolitics, taxes, and many other things. That is one of the reasons that we have such a tense Republican primary race right now. It is true that the Angry One has a plurality of about 1/3 in the polls, but that means that about 2/3 oppose him, and they hold a wide range of opinions about various matters. That is why the group is so splintered.

(Contrast this with the Democrat primary race. I feel sorry for Democrats, because they apparently will have a choice between a proven liar and prevaricator, and a socialist who is off-the-charts left. I personally wish people like Pat Moynihan or Joseph Lieberman were still around.)

To more specifically address your concern: it is a very difficult issue to resolve, because our Constitutional rights are in the balance. I know of no case in which any governmental authority is trying to prohibit service to same-sex couples, as they were doing to black people during the years of Jim Crow. Do you really want to force people who disagree with you about same-sex marriage to choose between going against their consciences or going out of business? In a society that is increasingly biased against Judeo-Christian values, as evidenced by some of the responses to this column, do you really want to risk forcing churches to do same-sex marriages against their will?

The first question is certainly in play in the upcoming election; the second will be in play within the next decade, if not sooner. Supreme Court appointments will make a difference in these matters.

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