The First Step to Getting Business Credit is Understanding Your Personal Credit helps your small business obtain credit loans, business credit cards and other commercial credit products

Most people in their 30’s have either really good credit or really terrible credit. However, most people in there 40s, if they have had credit bumps in the past, have put credit on the back burner. That’s probably the best and worst thing anybody can do, especially if you are looking for business credit lines or business credit cards to help start a business or push forward an existing business.

People who have had personal credit issues prior to their 40s will try to bring things under control or just turn their back away from credit altogether. But there’s a correlation between bad credit profiles and people in their 40s. Most 40ishers already tried their luck at small business or either went through a major job change or job lost resulting in a financial crisis that caused the credit blemishes. We all know it’s hard to payoff credit card debt when you are under or unemployed.

For the entrepreneurs out there seeking business credit lines or just a few business credit cards, the first step is to check your personal credit health. There are many places to check your personal credit online, some sources are free. For a list of places to check your personal credit report for free, visit After reviewing your personal credit report and things look good, you are ready to find the right business credit cards. Do you know where to find the best business credit cards? How much business credit do you need? There are tons of questions to ask yourself before applying for business credit.

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