Tips for keeping meetings with your agency focused…

Remembering who that design is REALLY for…

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As a company, investing in design can be a hugely rewarding undertaking that can provide excellent returns, therefore choosing to engage the right design agency is a crucial step for the growth of your business.

Once you have selected the agency you are going to work with there will be initial meetings and mid project meetings as your brief is formulated and designs are started.

Keep the meetings with your agency focused.
Within your organisation, try to limit the amount of employees that attend meetings with the agency to just the necessary people. Decide among your team who will attend and then let these people relay the information down to their teams as necessary.

The Marketing manager would be a good start, and the company director would be an obvious choice, but when you start to add other people from the company in order to hear their input then this makes the decision process difficult, and will often muddy the clarity and direction of the original brief or later, the revisions being requested.

When design proposal presentations get crowded, then you enter the realm of ‘designing by committee’ which is counter productive for both you as a company and for the design agency.

Remember who the design is really for.
A good design agency should never design something for a client to just to satisfy their own agency desires. That’s simply ego getting in the way of an effective solution, and not giving the client what they need. Just because the agency happens to really likes that logo idea, if it doesn’t match your company’s brief then it’s not a viable solution.

In an ideal world an agency will produce work that their clients will unanimously love, but sometimes there will be reservations. One of your directors may not like the colour, or perhaps the typeface isn’t quite to their taste. This is normal, and ideally would have been previously identified in one of your mid-stage meetings with your agency.

But here’s a point to remember. Keep in mind that it is the job of the agency you’ve hired to help your business communicate effectively with your clients. That logo isn’t produced to satisfy the CFO who happens to really like the Rolling Stones logo, neither does it have to contain the favourite colours or your marketing manager. The logo isn’t for them as individuals, rather its purpose is to resonate with your clients, the people that buy your services.

A good agency should provide deliverables based on a well researched brief and a host of strategic questions. These questions will ultimately help you and the agency find clarity on your client demographic. Keep this audience in mind when your agency presents their work and hopefully there will be agreement in the room.

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