Basics first — Do you know your client?

Let me ask you a few questions about the mystery of clients. Who are they? What do they want? Will they be happy? Will they spend money on your product, if yes, how much? How likely is it that they also buy from your competitor and why? When do they need your product? Why should they decide for you? Where will they go when they want to know more about your product? Where will they buy your product?

To know your potential clients is the most important thing to do. And to start with something basic: In blockchain you might start with an ICO to raise funds for the next steps of your business. Which is great! And in many cases — i.e. if you have a product targeted at the blockchain community directly, the people who buy your product might be the same who also invest in your token.

But there is another scenario: a potential buyer/investor for your token sale might be very different from the client who will pay for your product in the end. For example, your product is a mass product, targeted at the everyman and not only targeted at the Blockchain community.

But an ICO is targeted mostly at all of us crazy Crypto people, except high level investors of course (But these you talk to separately anyway). So be very aware of whom you are talking to. Define exactly where you can find potential token buyers and make this a separate process from finding potential clients for your product. They are also different processes by nature. One should go over time, one should be very teasing and focussed on the deadline of the ICO. Target your client precisely and be aware that a token investor is not in every case a client of your product.

You want to know, HOW and WHERE to attract these different groups and how to define your narrative? Let me know: email me at