100 dream boys:

1. R2D2

2. Mole man from the Simpsons

3. Danish architect Bjarke Ingels

4. The garbage man from when I was 7

5. Arthur the cartoon aardvark

6. Biscuit from Ally Mcbeal

7. WW1 ghost soldier

8. Elijah Wood

9. C3P0

10. Tao Lin

11. Unattainable hot tutor from 3 yrs ago

12. George Bush

13. That ant from Ant’s Life

14. Finding Nemo’s dad

15. A can of baked beans

16. A boy in a long term relationship with their first cousin

17. A boy with brown hair

18. That boy that works at the deli

19. Dr Strangelove

20. Han Solo

21. Chewbacca

22. A boy who lives 22000km from you

23. Ugly Betty’s brother

24. A boy who lives in a volcano

25. A boy who buys and eats lychees

26. A boy with a nose

27. Boromir

28. The very first boy in the world

29. Fox Mulder

30. BOB from Twin Peaks

31. A wooden spoon

32. Jeff Probst

33. Boo Radley

34. Literally any boy with a neck

35. Gordo from Lizzie McGuire

36. The first boy I see tomorrow

37. 250mL of sesame oil

38. Any boy in my class who has worse grades than me

39. The last boy that borrowed Mao’s Last Dancer at the library

40. Tin Tin

41. A bunch of grapes

42. A boy who can’t speak any of the same languages as you

43. Al Gore

44. Sartre

45. A boy who placed last in their Olympic race/heat/round

46. A boy who cries before and after sex

47. A boy who is always very very tired

48. The Prince of Bhutan

49. A Jonas brother

50. A boy who is a pair of slippers

51. The boy who sold me my phone charger

52. A pair of tongs

53. That caveman from that movie where he’s defrosted in 1990s New York

54. Damon Albarn

55. Mike Wasowski

56. Emma Watson’s brother

57. A fillet of salmon

58. This boy at this party who was a dog

59. Scooby Doo

60. A roll of toilet paper

61. Jason Schwartzman

62. Boy who works at supermarket that never makes eye contact

63. A boy who eats enough fibre

64. Fernando Torres

65. A boy who is late to everything

66. A boy who can’t remember anything

67. A boy who is in a coma

68. A boy who is a disappointment to his parents

69. A pile of dirty rags

70. Any boy I am taller than

71. Ross Geller

72. A boy who is so depressed that he can do nothing but shower

73. That boy that cleaned up my vomit when I threw up in the kitchen sink

74. A half-chewed tennis ball

75. Ewan Mcgregor

76. Gollum

77. A boy who never gets out of bed

78. That boy who was laughing to himself at the supermarket

79. The bag of cans and bottles I need to put in the recycle bin

80. The month old opened can of tuna sitting in my fridge

81. Every boy waiter I’ve ever had

82. Esteban from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

83. The entire country of Iceland

84. The next boy I accidentally make eye contact with

85. The next boy who can’t hear me talking to him

86. All the bits of hair around my apartment collected into a hairball

87. Harvey from Sabrina

88. A puddle

89. A half mug of coffee that has been sitting out all day

90. Any boy with a hyphenated surname

91. Any boy who has an app on their phone that can make fart noises

92. Ricky Martin

93. A boy who will go away

94. A boy who only eats grated cheese

95. That boy from the Princess Diaries

96. Scrapings from the bottom of my shoes

97. Troy Bolton

98. A framed photo of a gibbon

99. A gibbon

100. All my ex boyfriends

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