Best Practices: In-Seat Ordering

Maximizing Success and Engagement

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What We’ll Do For You

Keep Generating Buzz

  • Promotional “In-Seat Ordering” flyers at the main entrance and information booth
  • Promotional “In-Seat Ordering” stickers on backs of seat and/or armrests
  • Promotional “In-Seat Ordering” signs and banners around your venue
  • Video board promos for “In-Seat Ordering”
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When fans see other fans ordering to their seat, word spreads fast. But you must spark that initial interest! Getting creative with your approach to In-Seat Ordering will always pay off.

Which lead us to…

Don’t Overcomplicate

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When 25 orders come through at once, the last thing you want to have to do is confirm which toppings a fan wants on their burger. The most successful In-Seat menus tend to include simple, non-customizable offerings: beer, candy, hot dogs, potato chips, etc.

Don’t Drive Fans Away

The bottom line is this: A consistent fan experience is an enjoyable fan experience!

  1. Don’t let the buzz die, or you won’t see the engagement you expect.
  2. Keeping it simple equals a frustration-free experience for both you and your fans.
  3. Ensure your fans stay engaged in the app by employing a similar pricing model to the venue’s concession stands.

Start with these few steps and you are well on your way to a successful In-Seat Ordering experience!

We want to hear from you! What type of menu items do you see performing well at your tournament or event? How do you decide what to price items? What types of marketing do you do for In-Seat?

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