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Once a quarter, Funsize closes the studio for a week to focus on one of the following themes: make, learn, teach, and experience. For Method Week 9, we focused on “make,” with the help of four incredible nonprofits.

One of those nonprofits was Kids In A New Groove (KING), where we had the pleasure of working with KING’s Executive Director, Laura Wood and Program Manager, Sarah Gómez Wauters. The Funsize team included Ben Murray, Brittany Leaning, Dina Williams, Edgar Briseño, and Madi Chatham.

We spent four days collaborating with Kids In A New Groove to give the organization an entirely new look and feel with a consistent voice and tone. …

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“Radishes and other vegetables in an open air market in the city” by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

I hate diets.

I hate them, mostly because I love food. I also hate the idea of counting calories and limiting or starving myself when my stomach is obviously crying out for nourishment.

The reason I’m trying Whole30 is because I have built terrible habits when it comes to food. …

How adult summer camp helped me rediscover the present.

Kids get so wrapped up in the joy of drawing or pretending or discovering that they’d rarely eat or bathe or sleep if we didn’t make them. They are constantly creating in a state of free-flowing, concentrated bliss, they haven’t yet learned to worry about what other people think of them or that perhaps they’re not as talented at finger painting as Lucy next door is. They are in the moment. There is fun in the moment. End of story.

Jen Sincero

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Photo by: Bradley Cox // Property of Camp Wonderful

Last year I went to an adult summer camp called Camp Wonderful.

It changed my life.

I know that sounds like a cliche over-exaggeration, but I’m actually serious. I came back from camp a completely different person; it helped me rediscover all the beautiful things I’d lost in the process of becoming a grown up. …


Brittany Leaning

Product Designer at Funsize. Organizer with CreativeMornings, Austin. Co-Author of Twitter for Dummies. Previously: content & social at HubSpot.

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