Individual Idea Generation:

“How Might We Organize Office Supplies to Save Desktop Space, while keeping them visible to the owner?”

For my “ how might we statement” I decided to keep it fairly open ended with only one real constraint. Through my interviews I found that many people prefer to be able to see their supplies once put away. If they were to store their supplies in a a drawer, for example, there’s a likely chance that they would forget about them.

During my brainstorming I came up with a good spread of feasible, novel, and playful products. My favorite feasible idea was the wall mounted organizer. It satisfied the visibility aspect of the “how might we” statement, while also having the added benefit of keeping supplies completely off the desktop. I also tried to come up with products that would make organization fun. A good example of this was the dartboard pencil holder. The idea behind this stemmed from the observation that people don’t enjoy cleaning their desks. If a product could turn cleanup into play, it could help the user change their habits.

New Warm Up Game:

— Eat an Oreo in Sync —

The goal of the game was to make it as uncomfortable as possible. The awkwardness of the situation causes participants to laugh. The mix of laughter and Oreo's heightens dopamine levels, and leads to better idea generation

Session Organization:

My group consisted of two product design majors, an architect major, and a communications major.

I began with some warm up games used in class. I started with two word association games, the first being related words, and the second being non related words. The group didn’t seem to have too much trouble with these and worked really well together. Next I tried the Oreo game which was a bit harder for them. There was a lot of awkward laughter and smiling.

I wanted to keep the brainstorm session relatively short because I knew the everyone had places to be. I kept the idea generation activity to 20 minutes with an extra 10 for organization and group voting. In the 20 minutes of brainstorming the group came up with 46 ideas with an IPM of .575.

Sorting and Voting:

During the ideation activity, I had the group silently organize the ideas into categories. They came up with seven different categories which included, Novelty, Electronics, Food/Edible, Pencils, Containers, Wall Mounted, and Multipurpose.

For multi voting I had the group vote on what they thought was feasible and what they thought was most creative. I told them to pick four of each so that we could look back and see which ideas were most popular.

Top Ideas:

Credit: Jen
Credit: Jen
Credit: Cassie


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