Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

I like the idea of Rey being a Kenobi girl, but I can’t agree on that. There is so much reference in the plot on the Skywalker side, my theory is:

Rey is the daughter of Leia (And maybe Han Solo).

  1. Luke & Leia are twins, seperated and not aware of each others existence. Could be the same with Rey & Ben.
  2. Leia talks about Han being gone for long. He might have even been away, when his kid(s) were born. Maybe Leia gave birth to a second child without him knowing and than hide her daughter to protect her. Luke was given away at birth, too.
  3. Han offers Rey to join his crew. That shows a strong connection between them.
  4. Rey never flew a spaceship and what was the first pilot seat she enters? The falcons. Her fathers lost ship? Adding to that, all Skywalkers are exceptional pilots. Ben Kenobi is not.
  5. The R2D2 lock is the strongest sign. R2 always was „the Skywalker droid“. The whole saga started with Leia sending away R2D2 and C3PO, with R2 protecting her most kept secret. And who hacked the lock to see Leias message? Luke!

Rey is a Skywalker…

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