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When we first started learning UIKit in October 2019, passing data seemed quite terrifying to us. We had a chance to try some basic methods, but then happily switched to the amazing SwiftUI (and have never come back until this moment). SwiftUI offers an easy and natural data flow, but we were lacking the same knowledge from the UIKit. Now it’s time to recap how things go in both frameworks, compare them and decide if SwiftUI really made a huge step in this direction.

Passing data in UIKit

So how are things going in the good ol’ UIKit? Well, this framework is based on…

Any runners here? Hey! I have a personal use case of my music streaming app, I’d like to share.

When I run I put my iPhone deep inside into my gear, so obviously it’s annoying interacting with it directly. This is why I prefer listening to my entire track list, rather than switching between albums. I just put the needle, and launch the shuffle mode.

Sounds familiar? The problem is that many of my tracks require need Next-button-ing: they are either too old or just not good for running. And I skip a lot.

Double click on the volume up…

Denis Matveev

Interaction designer from the heart of Siberia

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