An Eerie find in the Woods.

I was 12 years old when it happened. My buddy Austin had invited me over to his house during the summer of 2007 in southern Michigan. Summers in Michigan are relatively nice and since we did not have cellphones or video games at the time, we spent majority of @our time outdoors. Austin and I grew up watching the famous, “Lord of the Rings” movies together and were always fascinated by them. It was our favorite thing to do when we weren’t outside playing. One summer day, we had just finished the “Return of the King” and we instantly got the urge to go outside and pretend we were in the movies having great battles! (Now, at the time, Austin lived in a pretty remote area with his backyard being all woods. Beyond the mile or two of woods was a highway and a rest stop on the other side of the woods). Austin and I quickly ran into the woods, grabbed our swords (sticks) and our throwing knives (smaller sticks) and we set out on our adventure!

About a half an hour passed of us slaying imaginary orcs and goblins, and we decided it was time to take a break. We ventured further into the woods and were talking amongst ourselves about who was the mightier warrior, Austin? Or me. (It was definitely me). In the midst of our heated debate Austin had spotted something in the distance! Austin said to me, “Hey! Look at tree over there! Do you see that thing propped up against the tree?”

He was right! There was undoubtedly something next to that tree! So naturally, being two curious boys, we continued toward the mysterious figure against the tree. As we approached the figure our eyes widened and our jaws dropped. We got within 10 feet and realized this figure, was man sitting up against a tree. This was no ordinary man however, this man wearing blue jeans, a red flannel and brown work boots on, and had a black trash bag over his head.

Whoa! Austin and I couldn’t believe what we were seeing! A man, limp bodied, arms out to the side, head tilted to his shoulder with a trash bag over his head was just sitting up against a tree in the middle of woods. Our first thought was that this guy is dead, but we couldn’t be sure and immediately realized that we could be in serious danger. Thoughts started flooding my mind about what could’ve happened. Did someone kill this man?! Is the killer still in the woods?! What if we are being watched right now?! What if he jumps up and chases us?!

What we did next wasn’t the smartest move, but we were 12 and dumb. We started shouting at this lifeless man, “HEY! MISTER! ARE YOU OKAY?” No response. No movement. Nothing. After a minute or two of shouting and deciding wether or not we should poke him with a stick, we did something EVEN more dumb than shouting. We got this brilliant idea that one of us should stay with this lifeless man while the other goes to get Austins stepdad. Guess who stayed with the body? Me. For the next 10 minutes or so I was alone in the woods with a man who had a trash bag over head. You can imagine I kept my distance and my eye on him the entire time. Paranoia started to creep all over me. Austin had finally returned with his stepdad (thank god), and his stepdad immediately instructed us to go back to the house while he called the police.

At this point in time the cops had arrived and investigated. During the investigation, Austin and I were questioned about the incident separately. Austin and I were so scared we were going to get in trouble somehow, that we even made sure our stories were the same! Why we did that? I have no idea. My mom finally picked me up from Austins house and had a long talk with Austins mom. They were both just as shocked just as Austin and I were. As we drove home my Mom asked me what seem to be a million questions, and rightfully so, her son had just stumbled across a dead man in the woods.

A few days had passed and I finally got news of what really happened to that man. The police found his car on the other side of the woods parked at the rest stop off the highway. He left a suicide note to his wife. What the note entailed I do not know. This man, committed suicide via suffocation with the trash bag. I never saw his face, and I believe that was a good thing. To this day I think back about this man and wonder, why did he do it? What was so bad in his life that he decided to end it? I guess will never know that answer.

Please, if you or someone you know is going through a rough time reach out for help. It is never to late to talk to someone. .



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