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Metaphorical image of Fluent UI’s elemental pieces
Metaphorical image of Fluent UI’s elemental pieces

Microsoft has built the world’s preferred productivity apps for decades. Powerful tools, such as Office, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams, empower people around the world to achieve more. Fluent UI, a collection of UX frameworks, is how we’ll deliver these experiences to our customers.

Yes, there’s a dedicated team supporting Fluent UI. But the beauty in our open-source approach is that the people who eat, live, and breathe our products contribute to and improve the Fluent Design System for everyone. It’s how we cultivate and support great ideas from across the company (and beyond) that push us all forward.

It’s similar to biodiversity in nature; the richest soil results from a wide range of organisms weaving themselves into a thriving environment. …

A designer’s guide to finding flow from home

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It’s been about two months now since the design teams at Microsoft switched to working 100% remotely, and it’s certainly been an adjustment for folks who don’t regularly do so.

At its essence, remote work is less about tools and more about people. Instead of trying to micromanage or keep tabs on folks, we need to trust in each other and everyone’s personal processes. And it’s important to establish this trust through candid and direct communication. If something feels off, talk about it. …

We have this saying at 6Wunderkinder. It usually happens when we are working on something new and one of our teammates would say: “This needs more Disney!”

It sounds funny, but that simple phrase immediately helps us to refocus and gets down to the essence of our work. “More Disney” means “there’s the magic missing”. It means there’s no emotional hook. It can also mean “there’s the beauty missing” in the details of a design or a phrase of a blog post. Or it simply means “It doesn’t connect to me”.—Overall it means “we can do better”. These are all essential things to our work.


Benedikt Lehnert

Director of Product Design for Fluent, Mobile and Office Experiences @Microsoft · Previously CDO @Wunderlist · Tweeting as @blehnert ·

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