Death of the Cad monkey

Who are you calling monkey ?

The intern has always been the one to bear the brunt of drawing architectural designs within an architectural firm, with little or no input in the design work, some would go as far as to say the intern or technician would be soo lucky to ever get a piece of the pie in as far as design would go in an architecture firm. At best the technician, also known as the Cad monkey is honored with the responsibility of once a while designing the odd public toilet layout or changing the door swing on his “god” architects scribbles , painfully trying to read the doodles and deciphering the near hieroglyphic instructions of the lead designers drawings and translating them to Computer aided drawings for council submission, presentation, visualization etc

I feel the need to bring this up, people go for a 4 yr degree and are taught to perform like Architects only to be reduced to zombies drawing squares and rectangles. What does this say about our school systems?, or rather what does this say about the post schooling systems ?, what ever it is, these two need to align to help each other produce people that are able to produce and earn in the shortest amount of time possible, the school cant keep a person for year and years mastering principles they wont be able to use.

Why is the Cad monkey endangered.

One simple word , Technology . The exponential innovation of CAD software has made it far simpler to generate drawings and 3d documents . With the rise of autonomy these software packages are becoming aware that they are aware . Building information modelling (BIM) is only but a bridge to an era were our architectural software is going to be fully automated. As of now BIM is a CAD platform that allows a technician to draw with elements that are data rich , for example a simple wall 5 yrs ago in CAD software was just that, a simple wall of line drawings for the printer to print. Now a simple wall is anything but simple, off-cause it is easier to draw however, one knows the type of brick, plaster finish, themal resistance value etc the wall has, you can pull out data on how much the wall will cost, where you can order the bricks and the engineering required for that wall to stand, all this off-cause fully customizable to the users needs.

Using what we have observed from autonomy within the new technological landscape we reside in, we know for autonomy to work a clear set of rules or guidelines is needed for the computers to be able to make reasonable decisions and CADing is littered with these. The prediction is that in the near future, our software will be able to cycle the client through a near infinite number of optional buildings on the site they wish to develop. One might simply need just a geolocation of the the site, the intelligent software would pull up all the necessary data ( contour lines , climate data, municipal servitude's, context etc) and then proceed to give you options of the type of building you want based on your budget and preference. Were would the CAD monkey be then?, hell , where would the Architect be ?