Dora: A fantastic thriller

A still from the movie

Watching a Tamil movie on opening night is an achievement. No really. Try booking a ticket on-line at any of the cinemas in Chennai on a friday afternoon and you will be shown all red lights indicating no availability.

So I decided to settle for something not so extravagant by taking a trip to a shack-like cinema at the corner. And here, you stand in line, wait for the ticket counter to open and hope that you get a ticket!

I was glad to get a ticket for the 10PM show. A horror movie I could watch at 10PM. Nice!

The first thing that hit me about the film was that it had this fantasy like quality, like the name of the movie suggests, it features Nayan Tara who shape-shifts to an almost cartoon-like character (like in the children’s cartoon series Dora the explorer), while being a brave adventurous one at that, exploring scary places.

Thambi Ramaiah who plays Dora’s father is the comic relief in the movie as he supports Dora with her adventures and accompanies her even though he’s so scared himself.

The main character of this movie though is a retro car that in fact finds Dora by choosing her as the customer and that’s when things begin to get supernatural.

The car seems to have a consciousness of it’s own and Dora soon discovers that the car is acting in weird ways. The car randomly goes into self-drive in order to show Dora the way to a certain place or answers certain questions she is asking the car by driving her to the relevant places.

Dora soon finds that the car is haunted by a spirit of a dog whose owner suffered a certain trauma in the hands of some unscrupulous individuals that lead to the owner’s death (typical horror movie stuff).

There is obviously the police department who is trying to find these individuals and the main cop, played by Harish Uthaman sadly remains several steps behind Dora in unraveling the mystery.

As the movie concludes, Dora and the car find the hideout spot of the criminals and this is when the movie began to resemble the climax of an Amman movie. The supernatural forces stopped to work suddenly and when Dora was desperately fighting the goons herself, the car came to life in a dramatic manner saving Dora and bringing justice in a gruesome way.

Overall, this movie was fun to watch, with all the chills it gave and the twists it took, all the eccentric and yet life-like characters. Kudos to the cinematographer who made every scene look so colorful . I would rate this movie a ten on ten and is definitely worth watching.