Farmer suicides rise in India as climate warms, shows study — Livemint

I am going to keep posting about the farmers crisis as long as the government keeps ignoring it and as long as the bourgeois think rising tomato prices is a subject matter for jokes.

NEET: Tamil Nadu makes ‘final effort’ for exemption — Livemint

Tamil Nadu makes a final attempt for the exemption for NEET exams by pulling strings in the political arena. Although I can totally empathise with the plight of the students who have to compete with students from all over India in an exam that promises them limited number of seats in their home state, a better viable solution for this crisis could be a push for more medical colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu fisherfolk concerned over Centre’s coastal policies — Livemint

I condemn the insensitivity of the Centre towards the livelihood of the fishermen. There have been countless incidents of fishermen’s boats being confiscated by Sri Lanka about which there has been no visible diplomatic action is being taken.

Stalin hits back after CM’s allegations against DMK — The Hindu

Opposition leader MK Stalin and Left parties have been pointing out the ruling party’s passivity when it comes to saving water for irrigation, or vouching for students who are aspiring to study medicine or the agrarian crisis. The recent arrest of the opposition leader brings back memories of when the ruling and opposition parties constantly played blame games.

Only a united AIADMK can be an ally, says BJP — The Hindu

The ruling party has been divided for a long time and this could be a good opportunity to make a contract with the centre.

Rajiv Gandhi was genuinely interested in US military ties: CIA — Livemint

Found an interesting article about the life of former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. I am not posting anything this week about India — China relations because I have lost hopes and I do not wish to share pessimistic worldviews.

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