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Homophily means “love of sameness” this is a sociological theory that suggest that individuals who are similar connect together, and do similar things. As human beings we are naturally social animals. We are wired to communicate. Social interactions in social media allows people to be themselves, and also exaggerate their lives, boosting confidence in the process. According to(Seppala,2012) strong social connections leads to 50% increase in longevity. Social connections strengthens the immune system.


Individuals of similarity connect together. Social media facilitates homophily by allowing individuals to link up, become friends of those who share similar interest, or are like minded. Social media, also have many private groups that allow those of similar interest to join and get to know each other.

Algorithm’s and Homophily

Algorithm’s in social media, basically filter the most popular things people like. Like individually and collectively. Some of the factors that influence algorithm’s on facebook are:

· How often you interact with a particular post

· The performance of each post among users that have already viewed it(Agrawal,2016). The connection with social media, algorithms, and homophily, is how the information is used to connect people of similar interest.



Seppala, Emma (2012)

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