Hi, I have 4c hair so I know it's a bit hard to plan washday. Well, I have decided to share my washday routine with you. I'm sure you'll find something to incorporate into yours. You could just use the whole thing though, I don't mind. Well, on to the first step;
This is what you do to your hair before applying shampoo. Its good because heat exposure, chemical treatments and dyeing can lead to dry and damaged hair. “Pre-pooing” helps to revive your hair,
For my pre-poo step, I use a mixture of aloe-vera juice (I just…

“…. Tell me why, ain’t nothing but a heartache… I want it that way” I know you just sang along with me. Hello, My name is Kemzy. But of course, you know me. I am THE musician to listen to and obsessively stalk on the internet. I’m a popstar, you want to be me and I understand it.

Right now, I’m on stage and I sold out this massive arena; the first person to do that in the ten years since it has been built.
My voice is to die for and you cannot decide which one you love more…

Face Misting

Face misting is the application of face mists on the skin of the face. Of course, this begs the question; What are face mists?
Face mists are water-based liquids dispensed via spray bottles that contain skincare ingredients.

Why should I use a face mist?

They work quickly to cool, revitalize and soften skin. So on a hot or stressful day, when you feel worn out and you think you are starting to look the way you feel, apply your face mist to brighten and freshen up.
Note that they do not replace skincare treatments such as serums and moisturizers but deliver quick skin nourishing and protection benefits.

Now that you’ve got me sold on face mists, how do I know the one to use?

The Love of the Father

I am Forgiven;Redeemed ;Justified;Sanctified

I'm accepted in the beloved
By the act of believing and confessing
It's almost like a dream;
Is this all it takes to be saved?

No! it has to be more complex
You mean he did it all?
He perfected my salvation?!

But why?

Why would he die that I may live?
Why would he let me be seated in him?
Why would he dwell in me?
Why would he give me his Spirit?

He could have just let me die

Did you say he loves me?
He loves me
That is why…

Blessed Odediran

Freelance writer, beauty consultant, science nerd, reader, Podcast co-host

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