Amazing Twin Size Tapestries at Bless E Store

On the far side of the pond behind them to the left is a waterfall flowing into the pond. In the far background on the right is a castle on a hill. Hanging from the tree branches they are standing under are artfully crafted lanterns shining brightly. In the foreground is the edge of a pond reflecting both of them in the water?

On the edge of the pond to the right and to the left are wild flowers in magnificent shades of white, yellow, gold, pink, lavender, purple and blue. The ground they are standing on is a lush lawn in a beautiful shade of jade green. This full wall mural is a delightful addition to the atmosphere of the room. Nice Job!

Next, we head down the hallway to Jordan’s bedroom. Jordan’s bedroom looks like the typical 11 year old boy’s bedroom. It has the race car framed TWIN SIZE TAPESTRIES for bed. The white walls have a checkered flag wallpaper border going around the room about 1/3 of the way up the walls.

The night stand and dresser are both finished in solid black. There are black wall mounted shelves above the headboard of the bed. These are holding Jordan’s trophies he won in the Pinewood Derby. On one wall is a life-size wall graphic of Jordan’s favorite NFL Quarterback. Here too, on the far wall across from the bed is, you guessed it, a wall mural.

Now this particular wall mural is an artist’s rendition of NASCAR racing. With smears of wonderfully brilliant pastel colors surrounding five race cars colored in radiant and pulsating hues of red, green, yellow and blue. You can feel the intense emotional excitement of actually being in the front row seat at a NASCAR race. The artist who painted this original truly brought out the heart pounding emotion associated with all the fans of NASCAR racing. This wall mural is what I like to call the perfect finishing touch to this boy’s bedroom. Nice job!

Now we head a little further down the hallway to Emily’s bedroom. Emily is Jake and Diane’s 7 year old daughter. As we enter the bedroom I noticed a color scheme of pastel yellow with green accents in just the perfect shade of green to compliment the setting of the bedroom.

Here the bed is a Hollywood style bed with an overstuffed comforter in a beautiful swirling pattern of pastel green, pink, blue and yellow. The bed is positioned in the room, sitting on a pedestal, with the head of the bed about 5 feet to the left of a window. The window treatments are shear curtains with a valance in a beautiful shade of emerald green. Here the dresser and night stand are made of acrylic in a shiny shade of pastel green.

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