Week One at Andela Fellowship: Key Takeaways, Expectations, and Achievement Plans

My plan to become world class software developer gets to a new stage as I made it to Andela Fellowship.

The first week was interesting, informative, educative, excellently organised and it has been “great”. This week was about getting ready to for the simulations program.

I have lot of key takeaways, and it includes:

EPIC values

EPIC means Excellence, Passion, Integrity, Collaboration. EPIC turns out to be the constant driving force and core belief of Andela. Every speaker that took turn had something to say about being EPIC in all its forms. We were exposed to the importance of being EPIC in Andela and how it makes you an all-round technology leader.

You own your learning

Another recurring phrase was “You own your learning”. This is a basic belief in Andela that fellows are smart and should be given the opportunity to learn freely and break boundaries while following a well crafted learning map.

My Expectations

This is just the beginning of my journey, the first week here has helped me get clarity of purpose as to what Andela has in place for me and what I have to give to succeed.

  • I know now about simulations program, the challenges and how to succeed in it.
  • I know that after successfully completing 3 months simulations program, I’ll start my apprenticeship after which I’ll be placed on a client engagement.
  • I believe this to be tougher than any programming challenge or task I have ever taken. I expect that there will be a time I will feel like giving up, but I will overcome it.
  • I expect to live by the EPIC values.

My plans are not only to meet expectations, but also to exceed them.

  • I plan to remain open-minded and ready to accept whatever challenge. The path to success is not always smooth.
  • When times get tough and I feel lost down the part, my plan is to always give myself intrinsic motivation.
  • If anyone of my team member gets stuck and I need help, I plan to be open to them and make suggestions that will help them figure their way out.