How SEO Resembles Fitness

By taking a bit closer look, it is definitely not hard to find serious kind of resemblance between SEO and fitness. SEO practitioners and fitness trainers often find themselves in a situation where they can’t help the clients due to disastrous things those clients would have done in the past.

The problem is that both these disciplines are sometimes propagated as these belong to the wonder worlds where everything, no matter how terrible, can be fixed with consistent magic spells in very short duration. The salesmen, doing this kind of marketing don’t realize that they are not doing any good to themselves, the company they work for and the clients.

At first look, you might not be able to find this resemblance but you can certainly find both mirroring each other when you see things from the perspective of expectation management.

The factors that create this remarkable resemblance are as under.

1. The results can’t be guaranteed in both SEO and fitness practices. The best the marketers and fitness trainers can do is devising a workable plan and help you execute that. At the end of the day, it’s not guaranteed that you will get your website rank improved or fitness level enhanced.

2. Long term plan in SEO and stamina to keep up in the fitness training resemble each other in an absolute manner. Performing off-page optimization with complete dedication for one day and resting the other days is just like performing intense physical training for one day and taking off in rest of the days of month.

3. You will find SEO practitioners and physical trainers agreeing completely on the fact that no shortcut exists in their respective fields. A ‘wonder pill’ may boost the power of an athlete for one day but that performance is never replicated automatically in the other day. Moreover, this pill ultimately turns out to be disastrous. Similarly, an automated link building software might give you a short term boost but it can never set the website on the path to get higher rank. Same like the side effect of wonder pill, this program can make your website get penalized by search engine.

4. For an athlete, best workout plan and intense physical workout would be of no use if he/she is not having good nutrition support. Good nutrition provides necessary fuel for workouts. SEO works the same way. No matter how good your off-page SEO strategy is, poor on-page optimization will start wasting your efforts right from the beginning.

5. Physical training for big events and SEO to dominate against big players is never a cake walk. There is always a chance that someone among opponents still will outperform you no matter how hard you try.

6. Motivation is the key to make consistent progress in SEO and physical training. Remember, motivation that comes from others is never going to last long. You should have your own objectives that would keep you running.

Like physical training, Indianapolis SEO is also about keeping oneself sustained without expecting anyone to come forward and help. This is the only way to get long term goals.




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Blessing Dent

Blessing Dent

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