Do I judge my value by the number of followers I have or my level of impact by the fact that after 2hours of my post on instagram, I have just “2 likes" and I have to keep my anxiety boot on awaiting the “ 3rd like" ?

Worst still, when it does not come after an hour, I start hunting my bestie with “ have you seen my latest post? “… “ go and like my latest post now!!!"

Then it comes to heart that some people have more likes effortlessly!

It’s sad right?

I don’t think so!

Rather, looking at it from that perspective is sad!

What if I don’t have to judge my value with the number of likes on my latest post? Or my impact with the number of followers that I am not following back (lol..) ?

What if I do not have to judge my worth by my level of popularity?

I think it would help me appreciate myself as I ought and appreciate others (especially people like me) without looking down on anyone. Well, that doesn’t imply that I will be lethargic but it means I will not put myself under pressure seeking what is not a priority.

Live life* Enjoy life* Live at best