I realised and IT HIT ME HARD!!!

“So, I started another business again!…”

This was the third I was attempting to do. Not that I failed at the others, I just got bored🙈🙈…(Don’t judge me yet cause I am not in this alone!)

On a more serious note📝 , I realized that I didn’t like doing one thing over and again for too long 🙄🙄… notwithstanding, I realised that can’t carry this attitude to every area of my life, it could Mar me!! Cause there are things that I will have to do over and again till I die. I realized where I was lacking.

“discipline is doing as demanded and not as convenient”-David oyedepo.

I realised that many times, we just need to add a little more patience, a little more perseverance, just a little more, then achieving our goals would come as really desired! Nothing happens on its own:we make things happen!!!

I decided it high time I worked on my level of discipline — not seeking convenience but replacing with consistency, tenacity powered by discipline.

George says “discipline is the soul of an army, it makes small numbers formidable, procure success to the weak and esteem to all

Live life* enjoy life* live at Best