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The success of your investment in cryptocurrencies depends on the moment when you choose to buy and sell your cryptocurrency! 💰 So, how to define the right moment?

First of all, we must say that there is no magic formula for successful Bitcoin Buying and Selling, but there are ways to make it easier to determine the “right” time to act!

A great example is to Follow the Rate Daily, 🧐 this habit will help you to understand how the Bitcoin Oscillation works and how it can Devalue or Value over time!

Another habit that can help you is to…

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

It should come as no surprise that the world of Blockchain and Bitcoin caught the eyes of some of the biggest influential people of our generation. From the brightest actors in Hollywood to the sharpest athletes, here are some ways how these influential mega-stars have shown interest in the crypto-sphere!

Akon — Apart from launching his own cryptocoin named Akoin, the singer is also planning on launching a 2000 acre city which would be entirely backed up by blockchain technology. This revolutionary space would include several features of a normal city such as shops and schools. …

Simple Steps

So you’ve been seriously thinking of investing in crypto and you finally take the plunge into trading cryptocurrencies but from where do you actually start? The crypto world can be incredibly intimidating to the untrained eye and newbies can unfortunately drown in the large amount of information, scams and options when entering the crypto-sphere which may end up losing interest in this revolutionary technology.

Well we’ve got you covered with our guide of 6 easy-to-follow steps that you should definitely consider if you’re just starting your crypto-trading experience. Let’s go!

Pick an exchange

The first step may be quite obvious…

We would like to inform all our clients that a new phase begins in our trajectory. Bleutrade has decided not to continue with the process of obtaining the long-awaited “crypto license” in Malta. Thus, Bleutrade officially announces that as from Monday, May 25, we will start operating from our new headquarters in Portugal, “Land of Light”, and thereby our office in Malta will close on the same day — May 25, 2020.

The result of a decision taken at the end of 2019 and, in order to guarantee a greater diversity of investments and options for our users, we chose…

When you sit down and think about it, the crypto market has low barriers to entry. That simply means that anyone with a computer, laptop or smartphone which can be connected to the internet can easily start trading. However, beginners with little to no experience can easily commit mistakes which can be devastating especially during the early days of crypto-trading. We have compiled a list of the top 8 mistakes every crypto trader should definitely avoid at all circumstances.

  1. Not holding your private keys

Misplacing your private key is probably the most foolish way of loosing your crypto assets. Make…

The world of crypto has brought us some crazy and astounding stories and facts to tell to our peers. From the biggest transactions ever made, to the mystery behind the identity of Bitcoin’s creator, here are 16 facts that every crypto trader should know!

Although originally designed to support Bitcoin, blockchain technology can be used, and is being used, in several industries due to its usefulness and vast applications. In recent years, we have witnessed companies utilising blockchain technology to transform simple experiments and concepts to actual pilots and even production-grade implementations.

Obviously the main notion behind blockchain that has led to its great popularity within several ecosystems is that there is no central authority. This disruptive feature is the biggest reason why this technology has the ability to impact the world in a massive way.

But how is blockchain improving real-life and efficiency…

Every new interested crypto trader who wanders in this new world of technology and finance will get bombarded with words and acronyms which might be too difficult to understand at first hand.

So, we have compiled a list of 30 terms that every cryptocurrency user should know irrespective if they are a newbie or a professional within this field.

Upon entering the crypot-verse, new traders, and experienced ones alike, are bombarded with countless exchanges and choosing the right one makes all the difference in the world.

With hundreds of crypto exchanges listed on CoinMarketCap, what are some of the considerations that one should keep in mind when choosing an exchange? In this article, we have listed some of the main factors to analyse before trading with an exchange in order to ensure that you are making the ideal choice.


If you know how to create and launch a crypto exchange, setting up one is relatively easy and only…


Bleutrade is the ideal cryptoplace where you buy and sell cryptocurrency in a reliable, intuitive and easy way.

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