Trade like a pro with our AMI exclusive system — 0% Fee on Make Orders

Mar 25, 2019 · 3 min read

With cryptocurrencies becoming more mainstream everyday and users, both new and old, getting used to the new terms associated with this world, people, even sceptics of cryptocurrency have now decided to take the plunge into the cryptoworld.

Potential users are now ready to invest their time, energy and assets into the cryptoworld. With all these blockchain companies and exchanges, users may find it overwhelming to choose the best one to suite their needs. Bleutrade is here to help make this decision a bit less difficult.

Bleutrade has always prioritised customer satisfaction by offering a superior user experience. This is achieved by closely monitoring customers to help anticipate their needs and therefore supersede their expectations.

A particular issue that most users had was the need to always be online to trade as you never know when the optimal time to exchange will take place. In order to aid our customers trade effectively and when it truly matters, Bleutrade developed an exclusive system just for Bleutradians.

The Auto Maker Invertible (AMI) System is an exclusive program that automates trades. Ami helps you trade like an efficient robot, without being one. The main function is to order to buy and sell simultaneously when the price reaches a particular amount.

So how does this work? There are 3 basic scenarios:

• Purchase — here you can set and adjust the value of a desired currency that you wish to buy.

• Sell — here you can set and change the value of a particular coin that you wish to sell.

• Spread — this part allows you to check how much you will earn by finding the difference between the purchase and the sale.

Easy, right? The AMI order reaps numerous benefits. Users are free to make as many and whatever orders as they desire while having a 0% fee on makers orders. Apart from being a highly sought after tool by market makers, the AMI is a great asset to have in order for Bleutrade’s users to continuously gain. Furthermore, it is important to note that orders are executed instantly so the AMI is very time efficient.

Lastly, a stop limit action will be introduced. This entails that an order will be executed at a particular price after a given stop price has been achieved. Once the stop price is reached, the stop limit order turns into a limit order to sell or buy at the limit price, or better. This function is used to protect, better control and minimise losses.

The order form includes the following criteria:

  • Trigger — this indicates the price which starts an order. A unit price is bought once a price stipulated in the trigger is achieved, hence the order will be triggered.
  • Price — this allows users to change the price that your order will be executed at.
  • Total — the total amount to be payed or received will be displayed here, in the particular chosen currency, after the order has been executed.

Ready to trade like a pro? Become a Bleutradian today!

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