Herbal Medicine Should Be More Known

There are many types of herbs that can fit anyone’s needs. Thousands of people can benefit from herbal medicine if it was just more known. (http://tasteforlife.com/supplements/herbs/sustainable-herbal-medicine)


Medicine is one of the world’s greatest discoveries, yet it is not a guarantee or one hundred percent chance that you will get better. Sometimes medicine has no effect at all, or even worse, make you feel even more sick than before. Medicine usually works for many people; however, nowadays with so many people occupying the earth there are bound to be people where these so called cures for even the most common colds are not effective. Now there are other forms of alternative medicine that can help an even more range of people; people with different body types, races, and needs are able to find cures for their illnesses. Herbal medicine is a type of alternative medicine and is one of the most cheapest and effective types of alternative medicines out there. However, its biggest drawback is the fact that many people turn away from alternative medicine because it is not a fast response in comparison to chemical-based medicine. Herbal medicine is not a very popular method of healing, even though it is just as important as conventional drugs. The issue with herbal medicine is that not many people are aware of its existence. If others were more aware of it they could try it and see if it is effective for them. There has been some people whose bodies do not react well to conventional chemical based medicines and drugs; however, with herbal medicine and other types of alternative medicine people are able to find what works for their bodies and get the right medicine for their needs. Many others use supplements for their other vitamin and mineral intakes, but herbal medicine can also do the same at an even cheaper price. Since herbs are inexpensive many people who do not have the funds to afford expensive medicinal remedies might find an alternative for it. Herbal medicine is not known enough and that is its biggest flaw; if it were more known to the public, then more people would be able to try it and benefit from it as a whole. Herbal medicine has the potential to be extremely effective to people who need it; however, due to its low popularity and knowledge that people have it may never live up to its full hidden potential.

I conducted a survey and the outcome of all that was not what I expected. Link to article were survey was discussed https://medium.com/@blieu/peoples-open-views-on-herbal-medicine-311508374978#.wjrdf93xu

Herbal Medicine is Not Known Enough

There are many people who have not even heard of herbal medicine, or they have heard of it, but that it the extent of it. The first issue with herbal medicine is that it is not well known, at least not the West. I conducted a survey and while conducting the survey I noticed I started to inform people more on herbal medicine rather and conducting my actual survey. This says something about herbal medicine as a whole at least in San Francisco, California. Herbal medicine is very common in the East, and they still used it to this day. That only means that herbal medicine can live up to the medicines of today if countries and other places of the world as still able to use them. Due to its unpopularity many others do not even know about its existence and that it is an option for many people. Herbal medicine is worth trying out for the people who need alternatives for their medical needs, weather it is due to finances, body types, or the convenience of it depends on the person, but people do have the possibility to benefit from it.

People’s Misconceptions of Herbal Medicine & Use Them Incorrectly/Dangerously

Herbal medicine has a very mixed range of opinions; people either love it, do not know what it is, or they completely hate it. There is such an extreme view of opinions with herbal medicine and that is because people who have used it either works for them and love it, or others hear controversial things about herbal medicine and shun it completely. There are both positives and negatives to herbal medicine and other types of supplements. While they might work for some people that does not mean that it will for for everyone. This is the idea at many people have to grasp when talking and discussing about herbal medicine. Usually the people talking negatively about herbal medicine tend to think that there are deadly and dangerous side effects that may affect the consumer; however, obviously that is not the case. Other times people who use herbal medicine and alternative supplements find new ways to treat their types of illnesses or deficiencies for their bodies. Herbal medicine and other alternative forms of medicine has its purpose right in the name; it is supposed to provide an “alternative” form of medicine to people who need it. It cannot replace it for everyone, but most people can benefit it if they need it. Kathleen Potempa, from The Wall Street Journal, states that when most people think of, “‘alternative medicine’ you are potentially raising fears of ‘otherness’ and implying that the patient and caregiver are going out on a limb, foregoing establish medical protocols for something dangerous” (Potempa). People tend to have a negative view on herbal medicine or any other type of alternative medicine in general. This is due to whenever herbal medicine helps someone it hardly makes it to the news because it is seen as a fluke that it ever helped someone. However, if news breaks out about herbal medicine hurting someone it definitely makes it to the new and everyone will know. The news that people hear of it is the extent to their knowledge and that little knowledge they have is mostly negative towards herbal medicine. This explains why many people are skeptical about herbal medicine and why it has this air of controversy surrounding it. The reason why this is constantly happening is mostly because people are not familiar with herbal medicine in general, and when people who are inexperienced with it try to attempt something they could end up doing something dangerous. This all leads back to the issue with herbal medicine being unknown to the general public. If people were to have more knowledge on herbal medicine the incorrect use of it could be avoided and bring up the credibility of herbal medicine as a whole.

Reserach of the deaths of essential oils and prescription show interesting results

Herbal Medicine is Worth Trying

Nevertheless the skepticism that surrounds herbal medicine should not hinder people from trying it though. The most important thing is to consult your doctor to determine if it is safe for your body and the medications that you consume if any. Herbal medicine should not be taken as something that you need instant results in, such as in an emergency. Herbal medicine is to be taken over a period of time. Herbal medicine would not be able to replace chemical-based medicines in how fast people see results, but it has its own benefits that many need to try to judge for themselves. It is worth trying if other types of medication are not compatible with other people. Herbal medicine is not supposed to be a replacement for other types of medicine, but an addition to them if your body need it. An article by Jane E. Brody discusses, “Which Supplement, if Any, May Be Worth Your Money,” and the benefits and negative with herbal medicine and other types of alternative medicines. Herbal medicine and pharmaceutical drugs alone cannot give what your body needs to stay healthy or be healthy, the article also states that, “a balanced diet with a variety of foods [are] likely to be more effective than any capsule” (Brody). This just further proves that herbal medicine cannot be the cure for everything; many people have a misconception that herbal medicine can either cure you from everything, or be extremely dangerous for you and your body. However, because of these common misconceptions of herbal medicine people do not even know how to use it to its fullest potential.

Here are different typed of herbs and their uses

Herbal Medicine Can Save People

Many people who have not tired herbal medicine would never be able to see if it works for them. If it were more known then people could really benefit from it. Herbal medicine can really save people whose bodies cannot take the harsh chemicals from pharmaceutical drugs. There are many people who have this body type and herbal medicine could really help them. However, due to its unpopularity many people could go through their whole lives without realizing this untapped potential. If people knew more about it then herbal medicine would be able to clear up any misconceptions around it and hopefully help the people that need it. Recently people have been using immunotherapy with herbal medicine to treat cancer; in Astha Saxena article, “Time to Explore Immunotherapy as Alternative to Cancer Cure,” people are being treated with herbal medicine for certain types of cancer. Further in the article it states that, “The success rate in case of Gastro intestinal cancer, considered the more complicated caner, has been 60 to 80 percent” (Saxena). Herbal medicine has done amazing things and people rarely hear about it. People suffering from cancer tend to go through chemotherapy, which kills cancerous cells, but also can causes side effects such as a decrease in immune system and red and white blood cells (Saxena). However, immunotherapy with herbal medicine causes less stress on the body and prevents the spread of the cancer tumors in the body. Herbal medicine has the potential to save thousands of lives, it just needs to be unleashed of its skepticism that many still have from incorrect uses of it.


There is no denying the criticism and skepticism that comes with herbal medicine and others can point out the many times where herbal medicine does not do its job and possibly be dangerous to people. However, what gives herbal medicine a bad name is when you hear that some people use them incorrectly. Due to the lack of knowledge that these people have they use the medicine incorrectly, and cause the name to have a huge controversy. There are many stories that center around herbal medicine as being very controversial such as a women who used holistic health methods to treat her son’s step infection, which lead to the son’s death, and the mother’s trial. This entire story in general sparked, “ debate over the use of natural and alternative treatments” (Graveland). It is stories like these that mostly make it to the news and cause a huge uproar and controversy to the herbal medicine name that most people hear of. However, it is extremely important to point out that the mother used herbal medicine incorrectly. Since the child was already suffering from the step infection the child was already in extreme condition, therefore should not have taken herbal medicine since herbal medicine is not an instant cure. Herbal medicine can only take effect over a period of time. Secondly a child’s body especially one that is sickly should not even taking herbal medicine in the first place due to the stress it can cause on such a small body compared to an adult. The mother should have consulted a doctor for immediate care and other options besides alternative medicines. If others were more educated on herbal medicine then tragedies such as these could be avoided. While herbal medicine is undoubtedly the cause of the child’s death, it was due to the mother’s lack of knowledge on herbal medicine that inevitably caused the child’s body to overreact to the medicine and reject it.


Herbal medicine has been around ever since people started finding cures for diseases. Plants were the very first thing that people used for treating sickness and disease. Herbal medicine has been used for so long, yet people treat them as being obsolete. Herbal medicine has such a huge potential to help thousands of people, but due to its unpopularity it may never get to be used at its full potential. This is the issue with herbal medicine; if it is not popular people would never know that it was a possibility and option for them in the first place. No matter who you are herbal medicine is worth trying, just make sure to do your research or consult your doctor to make sure you can benefit from it. Make sure that there are no misconceptions and use herbs correctly. Everyone’s body is different and react differently to things, and that includes any type of medicine and alternative medicine. Herbal medicine can do amazing things for people who need them, but it will never get to shine if it does not come out from the roots.

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