2016 Will Be the Year of the Plant Butcher
Janay Laing

Great article ! We learned what to eat from our parents and our recipes (in the West !) are meat-based. Being able to find tasty and easy to use meatless ingredients will greatly help people to expand their horizon and not use meat anymore.

As a vegetarian, I do not expect everyone to become vegetarian mainly because change is hard for lots of people even if less than 1% of them could actually butcher an animal.

This type of projects and the success they have will help humanity control its urge to eat meat and help slow/revert climate change. “The livestock sector is responsible for nearly 15 per cent of global emissions — similar to that produced by powering all the cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships in the world — yet it is conspicuous by its absence from international or national strategies to reduce emissions.”

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