Reasons Why “Social Media” is not “Sales Media”

Ya ya. I know that eventually social media leads to sales. Social media is still considered as the closest circle to sales.

These are the reasons why I call “social media” is not “sales media”.

Alright, let’s start from this pyramid on the left.

This is the journey to understand:

First, brand needs to get exposure to many potential buyers to be acknowledged through social media. Be present on social media. This is the starting point of selling product or service via this channel. Social media is a great channel to expose and socialise your brand to millions of social media users. It is on our palm, we carry mobile phone everywhere. Therfore, it is the closest touch point to engage with your existing or potential customer.

Next. Engage with your fans on social media through regular postings. Don’t forget the call-to-action such as a link to a landing page to where the product can be bought or text copy to encourage them to learn more about your service or product. This is called lead.

According to wikipedia, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.

After user clicks through that link, action — in this case we talk about purchase — does not happen on social media, it happens on the landing page or website or e-commerce website or offline store, where the information about the product or how to get the product is retrieved from the social media link.

The link which is provided by social media, lead customer to purchase platform such as e-commerce website or offline store.

That being said, social media is not a “sales media”. It leads to sales. By maintaining the channel as asset, it can generate bigger potential customers or fans acquisition, then later it leads them to sales and brand loyalty.

Looking at the pyramid, “action” has the smallest chunk compared to “impressions”. This is a natural process, so don’t give up on social media yet. The ratio between impressions and action could be something like: 1,000 : 10. It is important that brands actively increase its social media presence by exposing their product and service as much as possible until it converts.

Gain impressions. That’s why brands advertise. Now, we can advertise at almost all social media channels. Brands toss tons of money for advertisement to win customer’s awareness, to stamp brands in customer’s top of mind. This is the question, will 1,000,000 impressions ad converts 100% sales after people seeing the ad? Not directly, the journey does not end so fast. To emphasize what I stated in the previous paragraph about the ratio between impressions and action, the more exposure of a brand gets, the more leads generated, the bigger possibilities that the brand will get conversions.

In conclusion…

Social media is the medium to introduce, engage, connect, and lead customers to your business goal. Meanwhile, e-commerce website or other platform (offline or online) could be the end of customer’s journey where the lead, which is generated from social media, eventually converts to sales.

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