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Hi Jules. I’m becoming more interested in the mandolin by the day. Lots of odd and interesting bits out there. Here’s another one by Chris Thile. I’ve been watching him. He and his band (Punch Brothers) have some interesting things out. All of them are technically brilliant. Many of them very listen-able. Some are compelling. The band is made up of the guys who backed up Thile on “How to Grow A Woman From the Ground.” This is a music-documentary of their most recent performance in Boston, last year. Much good music.

Funny. I don’t grok Medium very well. This is the post I am actually replying to. Oh well. Thanks for the shout, and it’s been a rough week, but all is well and we are getting through our little troubles here in New Hampshire. I trust and hope you and yours are well.

I’m pretty okay with you sharing and linking, by the way. It was kind of you not to, but if you feel someone else might enjoy even one of the personal bits of music, I trust your judgment.

I trust your judgment.