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Jennifer, I always want to hear what you have to say. I’m selfish that way. To answer your question:

Sometimes I don’t have a really firm grasp of what I think until I say it. It’s in there, floating in the cloud of stuff that makes my mind and thoughts. So I write it, either in reply or just out of the blue,and it’s clear. (Not saying I don’t know my mind, though that has happened. More that I can’t reason with it until it’s in words.) Sounds like that isn’t nearly your problem here.


People change their minds all the time, until pushed into a hardened position. It’s lots more difficult, then, even if you might have been open to change before the concretion of thought was required. (Usually for protection.) Sometimes it’s worth saying, just for that.

Plus, I agree with everything Abbie said. And Mike. And Jack.

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