Race In Fiction And Fictional Races
Aura Wilming

Okay, I’m back, Aura.

I had been thinking about your topic, and the very movie you mentioned, this morning while I ate breakfast. Then I read this:

I liked it. A lot.

I went to work, and when I took a break, I read your piece (which I liked a lot, too), and then (on a later break) I read the one you linked to, by Kendra James. Liked that.

Seems like everything I read today was about telling real stories involving race and the marginalization of real non-white characters by making them magical.

All my stuff floats around in my brain like dying helium balloons (there are images projected behind them, like on a green screen (like a weather map?)). Once in a while I read something that bats all the balloons into the air, and sometimes there are patterns in the way they move or how they fall out, or sometimes they just fit the background image. Usually turns out to be stories. I don’t see a pattern, just recognition of an issue that’s been bubbling up in the circles I hang out in, on Medium. It’s everywhere. We need to be aware of it, and help where we can.

You handled it clearly and well. Thank you.

I think there’s more to say, but I’m not going to. Not yet, not here. I don’t mind ruffling some feathers, but not until the balloons are right, and not unless I can do it with some kindness and love. I think you have said enough, you and Shannon and Kendra, for just this moment, for me, for the kind and loving readers and writers that I hang out with.

Again, thank you.

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