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What is HiBTC?

This is https://www.hibtc.com. I can see this screen on the homepage. This is a payment coin that comes to mind today. Maybe it’s like exchanging with payment coins. This is an exchange screen. I tried clicking things, but it showed a neat movement. The interface looks good.

Since the innovation of blockchain, one of its application which has hit the world is, the digital currency called cryptocurrency. Majority people value it more than the traditional way we handle money.
 The cryptocurrency are trade in a marketplace called Exchange. This is where all kind of crypto transactions do takes place.
 Since the innovation of blockchain, more than 2000 ICO project has surfaced. This makes different kind of cryptocurrencies emerge.

First of all, you note to help yourself is HiBTC, not the HitBTC has been released so long offline. About HiBTC, this is a very new trading platform, and just launched around early August/2018. Like the recent general trend of the new floor, HiBTC also goes in the direction of trading as mining, and divides the profits for those who own the tokens of the floor. Some of the highlights are CoinEX, BTCC, IDCM, Bgogo, etc. Although it looks like Ponzi, this is a great way to attract users, and improve liquidity. Moreover, this model not only helps the floor but also benefits investors, if the floor has a large trading volume.

First of all, using the new design concept and leading technology, HiBTC will provide a safe, efficient and convenient digital asset trading platform for all participants. In HiBTC, regardless of the size of the transaction, each participant can effectively achieve the investment objectives without worrying about personal privacy protection or the security of digital assets. In addition, the professional financial unit will provide investors with rich risk hedging instruments and investment target choices.

Second, HiBTC is committed to creating a completely transparent, fair and shared investment environment. HiBTC Token (HIBT) is the only token issued by the HiBTC platform, not only as a digital asset, but also representing all rights and interests of the HiBTC platform. HiBTC promises to regularly allocate the platform revenues to all HIBT holders; at the same time, the “transaction + token holding” mining model (“proof of mining hours + proof of equity” mechanism) is adopted, and 50% of the HIBT issued is rewarded to users through transaction processing fee mining.

Not only that, HiBTC will also introduce a “Dividend Bonus Program”. Users can voluntarily join the program with part or all of the HIBT it holds, which will enjoy different proportions of dividend bonus in addition to the basic dividends.

In summary, when a user makes any transaction on the platform, in addition to obtaining the target assets, it can also obtain [mining generated HIBT + basic dividends + dividend bonus]. All of the above mining and dividend data will be made public in real time and are truly transparent and accessible.

WEAKNESSES OF HiBTC: I have searched for a weakness in the operational standard set utilised by HiBTC and I could find none, the only thing resembling weakness I could identify was that it is still a fairly new exchange even though it has strong community support, there are over 50,000 registered users in the HiBTC Platform but with the aggressive marketing campaigns organised by the HiBTc Team, you can be sure that this is a new platform but it sure isn’t stagnant, it’s growth is fast and steady.

OPPORTUNITIES PRESENTED BY HiBTC: Have you ever wished there was a way to earn passive income by just holding a token? If yes your prayers has been answered, HiBTC shares it’s revenue with HIBT holders so all you need to do is own some amounts of HIBT tokens and you would be earning a part of the revenue, awesome right? Buy HIBT Here.

THREATS FACING HiBTC: HiBTC is a Cryptocurrency exchange and just like other cryptocurrency exchange, the main threat facing it is Hackers, in recent years exchanges has been prime targets to hackers but with the strict security measures and protocols used utilized in the HiBTC Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, this threat has been nipped in it’s bud.HiBTC Profile:
HiBTC is a Hong Kong-based electronic money trading platform, a trading platform invested by Ceyuan Digital Assets. HiBTC publicly addressed its Malta office, a European country where Binance is also headquartered. HiBTC also follow the trading instructions is mining and split profit for the following person token, this is a great way to attract users, and improve liquidity. Moreover, this model not only helps the floor but also benefits investors, if the floor has a large trading volume.
HIBT Token:
HiBTC Token (HIBT) is the token issued by HiBTC. The entire issued HIBT base equates to the overall ownership of HiBTC trading platform which adopts an innovative “trading as mining” model. The total number of issued HIBTs is set at 10 billion and will never increase. HiBTC will divide its earnings to HIBT holders. At the same time, the owners also have the right to participate in important decisions and management areas, including listing new tokens, transaction fees … In addition, the floor also plans to “ “ Users can voluntarily take part or all of the HIBT lock on the floor and enjoy over-rate sharing with different rates. The longer the lock time, the higher the divide rate.
How to distribute tokens:

Dividend Bonus Program:
HiBTC offers a program called “Dividend Bonus Program,” which is a reward sharing program for members. Rewards are divided among members based on the volume of transactions and the number of HIBT members held.
Dividend Bonus is calculated as follows:
Bonus you earn = Platform Revenue * ratio * (Number of HIBT you have / current circulation of HIBT)
Calculated once per hour. At the following day, the amount accumulated yesterday 24 hours will be issued to the user’s wallet.

The most noteworthy and most interesting of all is “FomoHIBT”:

HiBTC will set up a prize pool growing in size along with the exchanges growing incomes. HiBTC shall put the 100% of the daily dividend of the account “Holder Shared Fund” into the bonus pool, every day before someone trigger the price. Once the pool is triggered, the HIBTs trading contributors of the day will be distributed all prize in the pool.
Learn more about HiBTC by looking up the Website or Carefully download and Study their Whitepaper.

Currently, HiBTC has a bounty program: Blog and Media Publications Bounty.

You can find out more about HiBTC at the following links:

Official site: http://www.hibtc.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5016151.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100027855751559
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HIBTC_com1
Thanks all.

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