As I sit here anxiously waiting for the TV show Switched at Birth to be described

on Netflix, I decide to take a quick look at the latest press conference our lovely president decided to hold last week. You know the one I am talking about, the solo one where he stood in a room full of reporters ready to challenge him on his bullshit?

I was really proud of our little trump. He stood up there like a big boy and babbled whenever someone asked him a tough question rather than retreating to twitter where he babbles slightly less. Still, I couldn’t even make it past thirty minutes of the whining and otherwise. I can’t imagine how hard it was for these reporters to sit there and listen to this big baby whine about the tone of the coverage he’s getting.

Up until the minutes I stopped, 30:15, he was whining. Simply put, he was really taken aback at the fact that, well, many people don’t like him. I don’t know what he thought was going to happen but it sounded as if he wanted everybody to like him after he was elected. He seemed confused by the fact that people were still not accepting him as the good guy he pretended to be during the conference.

The one thing that was telling though, was his classification of fake news. He was trying to say that the media was hyping up everything in order to make things look worse than they actually are. The media have never exaggerated about anything they reported on him. The dangers, any of it. Sometimes, the media have reported wrong information or reported on rumors but the facts are all there and were never exaggerated.

This all ties back to what Donald considers “ethical” news though. It’s news that he agrees with. The reason he likes some news outlets is because they shower him with praise and admiration. That’s a very weak press if you ask me. I want a press that’s there to challenge, and I want a press that holds my government accountable.

This conference confirmed to me that this is what’s happening. The media is holding him accountable for the stuff he babbles about and Trump whining about it only makes me want to buy the deluxe edition of some of these papers.

Trump is realizing that the media is not a toy he can play with but oh man does he want them to be. This latest, solo, press conference, was a way for him to do key things. Incite attacks on the media, get his followers riled up, and to plead with the big bad fake press to be nice to the White House baby.

The only thing I can say is, if journalists keep this up, I am keeping my subscription to these media outlets that fact check, uphold the public’s interest by holding the White House baby accountable for his words and behavior, and stands tall and strong against people who refuse to read past the headlines or past a Facebook wall. The media is doing all the right things. I hope they continue.

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