Two global leaders in healthcare simulation become one to deliver the highest quality training and education

B-Line Medical is very excited to announce that Laerdal has acquired B-Line Medical after a successful initial partnership announced at IMSH in January, 2019. What does this acquisition mean for our customers? Only good things! We’ll continue to improve SimCapture’s feature set, Laerdal integration, ease of use, and automation with additional resources and a broader vision.

With the acquisition, B-Line Medical will become part of the global Laerdal organization — while maintaining its home and continuing to develop and support their product lines in Washington, D.C. Laerdal and B-Line Medical begin work immediately on their shared vision to create the…

Video capture benefits and accuracy in the NICU

LiveCapture multi-perspective view of the NICU

Benefits of recording and reviewing neonatal resuscitation: the providers’ perspective

This BMJ Journals article: “Assesses the benefits of recording and reviewing neonatal resuscitation as experienced by neonatal care providers.”


48 Study participants working at neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) at Leiden University Medical Center, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine conducted semistructured interviews questioning about their experiences with recording and reviewing neonatal resuscitation.


Per the article: “Reported experiences and attitudes are broadly similar for both NICUs. All interviewed providers reported positive experiences and benefits, with special emphasis on educational benefits. Recording and reviewing neonatal resuscitation is used for various learning activities, such as plenary review meetings and as…

To further enhance the flexibility of SimCapture Pro and Enterprise Cloud, B-Line Medical has created an iOS application for use on an iPhone or iPad. The application extends a simulation center’s ability to record, debrief and track simulation learning. With a modern and easy-to-use mobile interface, captured and annotated sessions centralize and sync seamlessly with existing center SimCapture units. SimCapture sessions can even be shared with other users directly within the application to anyone worldwide.

The SimCapture iOS app is available on the iOS app store. …

We’re joining forces to build the definitive LMS for healthcare simulation

After a decade plus of working side by side at hundreds of healthcare institutions around the world, we couldn’t be more excited to announce a long-term collaborative partnership with Laerdal. The partnership will focus on seamless product integration and expanding the capabilities of SimCapture’s industry leading LMS. Our collective goal is to rapidly improve the ease of administering healthcare simulation education and training.

The Center for Medical Simulation is one of the worlds first healthcare simulation centers. With their mission of “using simulation to improve safety, quality and education in healthcare” we thought it was only right to share their perspective on using video in simulation. Below is a blog post they shared after they had a question from one of their CMS’ Facebook fans: “Are there any guidelines for the use of video in simulation?”

“Dan Raemer, Chief Curiosity Officer at CMS: Using video in debriefings needs to be done with a deft hand and a thoughtful purpose. I generally use video…

The initial cost of setting up a healthcare simulation center with equipment, inventory, audiovisual infrastructure, and management software can be substantial. These endeavors are often funded through grants, gifts or other one-time capital events. As a result, ongoing simulation center expenses must be justified. Selecting SimCapture as your center’s educational platform provides significant return on investment in three critical areas of operation allowing for nearly immediate justification.

Automation and Efficiency

SimCapture’s suite of available tools include center activity scheduling, learner self-enrollment, and learner event notifications. Once at the center, additional tools automate center sign-in and room assignment, and include a fully customizable central…

Simulation centers often focus heavily on operations and workflow while neglecting data-driven progress tracking. This is typically due to the sheer volume of day to day work required to setup and run simulations effectively. Simulation equipment, audiovisual equipment, room configurations, medications and other related inventory, and moulage efforts must all be managed and often multiple times daily, allowing precious little time for report generation and analysis.

Fortunately, SimCapture has been designed from the ground up to not only automate many aspects of simulation management (scheduling, notifications, center sign-in, recording, and debriefing to name a few) but to also to make…

When you do a Google search for “what to include in an AV lab” you get references for a company called AV lab, articles on laboratory testing, university computer science departments, and more. If you modify that search to “what to include in a simulation lab”, you get a couple of literature reviews, examples of simulation scenarios, and descriptions of a lot of simulation labs at universities around the world. What you don’t get is an actual checklist of what needs to be thought about when creating a new medical simulation lab.

Many articles, books, and websites focus on the…

In 2009 when B-Line Medical first Launched LiveCapture, a video-driven platform for quality improvement in hospitals, the body of literature on the subject of recording in hospitals was largely related to recording in Level 1 trauma centers. In 2013, Dr. Martin Makary, a surgeon for Johns Hopkins Medicine, wrote an often cited article for JAMA entitled The Power of Video Recording - Taking Quality to the Next Level. The article promoted video recording, video-based debriefing and video-driven instruction as powerful tools to rapidly improve the quality of care. Now, in 2018, 70% of U.S. …

We are happy to share with clients and friends of B-Line Medical that our Washington D.C. based office in the heart of Dupont Circle will be undergoing a 3-month renovation project this summer! We are excited about the new face-lift and the many benefits it will deliver.

As B-Line Medical’s clientele has grown to over 500 healthcare institutions in 35 countries, so too has our employee count. Our current office is broken up into two suites, making collaboration on projects a bit cumbersome at times. …

B-Line Medical

A Laerdal Company. We provide healthcare educators and clinicians with video-driven solutions to effect real and immediate improvement in the delivery of care.

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