Introducing: SimCapture Cloud iOS App

B-Line Medical
Mar 7, 2019 · 2 min read

To further enhance the flexibility of SimCapture Pro and Enterprise Cloud, B-Line Medical has created an iOS application for use on an iPhone or iPad. The application extends a simulation center’s ability to record, debrief and track simulation learning. With a modern and easy-to-use mobile interface, captured and annotated sessions centralize and sync seamlessly with existing center SimCapture units. SimCapture sessions can even be shared with other users directly within the application to anyone worldwide.

The SimCapture iOS app is available on the iOS app store. To download the app, click here from your mobile device or search “B-Line Medical SimCapture” in the App store.

SimCapture Cloud Mobile App Features

  • Record, annotate, and upload videos to your SimCapture Cloud site
  • Associate mobile recordings with Scenarios, Locations, and Organizations
  • Share recorded sessions with other users directly from the app
  • Debrief Sessions recorded both with and without the app
  • *Manage Users, Scenarios, and Sessions
  • *View system usage reports

*iPad only

Using the App

  • Logging in: Users just need to enter their SimCapture pro site url ( for most users), then enter their SimCapture Pro email address and password.
  • Recording a Session: Recording a session is easy. Once logged in, the camera will automatically turn on and be ready to record. Users have the option to select a Scenario from the list to associate with the recording, or they can just hit the record button to being recording immediately.
  • Annotating a Session: During a live recording, two types of annotations can be made: Predefined annotations and Generic flags. Predefined annotations can be accessed by clicking the bookmark icon at the top of the screen while Generic flags can be added by tapping the flag icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Saving a Session: Once sessions are recorded, users will be taken to a screen to finalize their sessions and be instructed to add a Custom Title, Organization and/or a Location. Once all of that information is in, users hit the done button.

To learn more about the SimCapture Cloud Platform, or the new iOS app, visit our website or email us at

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