SimCapture and Return on Investment

The initial cost of setting up a healthcare simulation center with equipment, inventory, audiovisual infrastructure, and management software can be substantial. These endeavors are often funded through grants, gifts or other one-time capital events. As a result, ongoing simulation center expenses must be justified. Selecting SimCapture as your center’s educational platform provides significant return on investment in three critical areas of operation allowing for nearly immediate justification.

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Automation and Efficiency

SimCapture’s suite of available tools include center activity scheduling, learner self-enrollment, and learner event notifications. Once at the center, additional tools automate center sign-in and room assignment, and include a fully customizable central control module that allows administrators to setup / reset dozens of rooms for capture and assessment from a single interface.

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Center sign-in, room assignment and tracking stations can be PCs or tablets

After center activities have occurred, student portfolios will assemble all recorded sessions, assessments, and released reports automatically.

To further lighten the administrative workload, SimCapture seamlessly incorporates tracking tools with such details as standardized patient and learner interaction history and inter-rater reliability.

The SimCapture platform does the work of full time employees (FTEs) through automation and centralized control / configuration and allows limited personnel to maintain a higher center activity volume. This higher volume can also include renting your simulation facility out to other organizations for an additional revenue stream.

When considering SimCapture’s return on investment, these FTEs and additional revenue streams should be taken into consideration.

Curriculum Management and Collaboration

Another SimCapture return on investment angle to consider is the management and delivery of your simulation education curriculum. SimCapture features a collaborative question library for building and re-using assessments, an integrated and customizable EMR, and courses to organize, administer and track learner progress.

This ability to collaboratively create curriculum once and use many times while securely storing and tracking learner results over time (without the need for paper or manual scoring / data entry) saves a great deal of administrative time. These saved hours have a significant value on their own but the return on investment can be compounded if those saved hours are used for revenue generating activities such as center rental.

Reporting, Tracking, and Justification

As we covered in a recent blog post on reports, all matters of center activity and performance can be monitored with SimCapture. Center usage (users, standardized patients, simulators, rooms, etc.), extensive and filterable assessment reports, and even SSH Accreditation tracking are accessible to administrators with a few mouse clicks and can be exported and shared in PDF, Excel or HTML formats. In addition, student, faculty and admin views are available with extensive roles and permission customizations to match any center structure allowing end-users to see only their most pertinent information.

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Extensive and filterable reports track center usage and learner performance

This instant access to key center usage and performance data allow directors and deans to quickly justify the initial center development investment, ongoing investment requirements, and to demonstrate the return on investment.

Additionally, reporting automation allows key simulation center end-users to focus on the quality and delivery of simulation education rather than the administration. While it is difficult to place a precise value on learning quality, there is undoubtedly a significant return on investment for center learners.

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