A look inside Technical Production at Blink

Blink is at the forefront of technology and creativity, and our technical producers are the machines that bring those two components together. Through tailored workflows and seamless information management systems, Russ Voss and his colleague, Mohamed AlMannai, have designed a truly formidable foundation that brings at-scale productions to life.

Russ Voss, Technical Producer @ Blink

“It’s about listening to what the client needs,” Russ explains. “We build workflows that reflect the client's priorities and needs. If they want to have oversight, we can build that, if they want to review and analyze image sets, we can build that too.”

When Russ first came on board, Blink was experiencing its first major at-scale production, Airbnb Luxe. It was frenetic. “There was a lot of energy because it was the first really big project that we had, and everybody was putting in a lot of hours to see it through.”

This dedication to solution-based technology is adhered to across the spectrum of Russ’ work. “Tasks that were being done manually have since been automated. The best example of this is asset ingestion and delivery.”

“I’ve built out and maintain machines for the Blink retouching lab. I also designed and managed an inventory control system to ensure we know where everything is and what condition it’s in. More recently, I’ve gotten into training and technical writing, creating “How To” videos for clients to interact with.”

These are all vital steps to ensuring a fully functional content studio. “We’re always looking to improve,” Russ affirms. “There are two lenses of thinking that help us move forward, critical thinking and analysis. We consistently look towards innovation, whilst also reflecting on the post-mortems of custom and HVP projects.”

“Clients trust us to not only deliver high-quality content but also deliver it in a timely and organized manner. Something I think is particularly important is that Blink still has a small business feel to it. Everybody knows everybody, and I think people work harder when they know the people that they’re working with. They care more about the projects that they’re on, and with implementing technology that we have, we can tackle larger and larger projects without losing that sense of, “I know who I’m working with. I care about who I’m working with.”

Thought of the day: It’s tempting to tackle new challenges with old strategies, but if you take a little time to be self-critical, you’ll find solutions that will save you a lot of time later.

Custom content production at any scale | www.blink.la

Custom content production at any scale | www.blink.la