Andrew Nunes de Oliveira deconstructs content curation

Content curation fulfills a specific need: to streamline an overflowing and vast amount of visual information. For brands, companies, and platforms, this need has become crucial at the intersection of their business development and content marketing strategy. The problem is simple: what to do when, over time, content has become redundant or no longer relevant to the brand? That’s where professionals like Blink’s Andrew Nunes de Oliveira, who has a deep understanding of visual information, step in to shape, guide, and construct the client’s current vision.

Andrew Nunes de Oliveira @ Blink

“I’ve been at Blink for over a year now,” Andrew recalls, “Projects range from both long-term, with deadlines in the distant horizon, to short-term, with tighter deadlines ranging from one day to one week. While there this variability in scope for any given project, there are usually reiterations of previous curation as well, because of a renewed sense of content suitability.”

While Andrew’s experience gravitates towards visual direction, he looks at the role of content curation as a fundamental organizational system. “Good curation often goes unnoticed,” Andrew explains, “but the absence of it can easily be recognized. For me, the importance of curation lies in its ability to ensure the viewer has a seamless experience, without any disruption or irregularities.”

The curatorial team, spearheaded by Deblina Moulik, deep-dives into both user-generated content, often referred to as UGC, and custom content, which is commonly produced by the brand itself. “There are a lot of visuals floating around in the public domain, and it’s only natural that companies need this service; whether it be the result of a branding overhaul, the introduction of a new product, or simply improving brand equity and capitalizing on cultural experiences.”

As a curator, Andrew recommends asking the following questions to help guide execution:

What is the purpose of this content?

Who is the audience?

Where will it be located?

How relevant is it to the current landscape?

When will it need to be revised?

Another support system for curating at high volume is inclusion in a highly competent and transparent team. “I can’t stress enough the importance of teamwork. The close-knit nature of our team steers us clear of hesitations when asking questions or seeking help. It’s a more nuanced, mutual understanding of how to go about work as a collaborative unit rather than as a singular employee.”

For Andrew, a typical day kicks off at 10 AM in the New York Blink HQ . “At the beginning of the day, I usually check in with the EP to discuss specifics of an assigned project — this can be to run through the style guide or to flag any issues that could come up. If there is a holding pattern in place, I’ll assist others with their workload. Regardless of what’s happened, I write an EOD report that is circulated to management.”

Thought of the day: Having a clear direction is essential. To adapt that direction for anomalies is equally important; collaborating, researching, and critical thinking are all essential ingredients.

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