Po.et, Blink’s New Partner in Revolutionizing Your Creative Content Licensing

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Po.et — a new blockchain protocol that is establishing a universal, and immutable ledger for managing the ownership, attribution and licensing of your creative content. This platform is a milestone in copyright technology, and is designed to easily track your work, whether it be video, audio, imagery or copy, as it makes its way across the furthermost corners of the web. By utilizing blockchain technology–a digital watermark in which transactions are made in bitcoin (a cryptocurrency) — to timestamp the metadata, Po.et creates an unalterable audit trail of your work.

As most of you know, our mission at Blink is to connect the world’s largest brands with the most talented and diverse group of professional creatives, aka YOU. We’re confident Po.et will aid in our ability to not only deliver on this mission, but also reaffirm accountability within the industry. Po.et will be providing the following services for Blink:

  • For Creators: To authenticate and attribute newly created content to theowner and author and allow the related licenses and terms to be managed in a digital wallet, and to be monetized in additional markets and channels.
  • For Publishers: To set smart contracts to trigger payments for completed work seamlessly, as well as to claim respective licensing rights.

More on Po.et

Po.et is an extension of Proof of Existence, the very first non-financial blockchain application. Po.et gives you — content creators, publishers, and editors — the ability to generate timestamped titles for your creative works in order to alleviate the market place friction caused by current licensing.

Po.et is holding it’s token sale on August 8th at 8:08 a.m. EST. The Po.et Foundation is raising money to pool the world’s brightest engineers to work on problems defined by the creative community, in short you. This sale consequently provides the foundational value needed to fund development and to fuel network effect for creators to license billions of unique pieces of intellectual property.

Join the Po.et Community

The Po.et team actively discusses the future of their platform with engaged community members on their Public Slack and Telegram channels. If you’d like to stay up to date with Po.et’s latest announcements, you can follow Po.et on Twitter.

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