Enemy Thy Name is Flexbox

Week one of The Iron Yard is over. I survived. We were fortunate, everyone in our class made it. However it was to be expected, we’re tough and we knew what we were getting into. But the sailing wasn’t always smooth. There was peril. So, so much peril. Also beer, that part was pretty great actually but let’s get back to the peril. Peril! The enemy found us while we were diligently doing our of work getting acquainted with HTML and CSS. The enemy quietly came to the classroom we were in and suddenly pounced and yelled at our group (just at me I think). “You, all of you (pretty sure the enemy just pointed to me) have had it easy so far! You’ll need nesting divs and more CSS than you’ve ever seen to be able to handle me!”. That was it, the enemy had declared it’s self. Flexbox was now going to be a reality in our lives.

Ok, so I’m playing that up just a bit. It was a good week. Let’s go back to the first day. I was excited to get started. I had to make a lot of changes in my life to be a student at The Iron Yard. Investments were liquidated. I quit a job I’ve had for a long time. I gave up a lot of the daily leisure activities that would be a hinderance to my studies like, TV, movies, books, social media and comics. Of the last 3 listed changes that I made two of them even hurt. I’ve planned for this, and it was good to start executing the plan.

Day one was all about making a webpage in HTML and CSS. It was challenging and I liked it. My design was bad but I think thats just a part of the process. Day two was building off of what we had done on day one. We used what we had previously made to make a simple website. We only added two pages, an about and contact page, but we had to use specific tools such as animation on our page buttons and Google Fonts to accomplish our goal. I also got to try my hand a Font Awesome, which was a headache at first but finally came around. Day 3 was all about doing a website mock up. Trying to replicate and existing design. I did all right at that even though I only did the basic explorer mode. I learned how to make <span> a class in CSS and because of that I have gotten way more comfortable with making and applying classes. This lesson also showed me what a better website looked like. Day four is when I met the enemy, Flexbox. By enemy what I really mean is that Flexbox doesn’t make a lot of sense to me at first. Day four’s assignment is to replicate another website, this one more challenging than the previous assignment. There is a sort of “puzzle piece” of 5 images that needs to be made using Flexbox. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I’m thankful that I have the weekend to plug away at it some more and really start to understand how flexbox works.

So all in all class went as I expected this week, it went well. I was challenged, I learned new things, I know how to do things now that I didn’t know how to do on Monday. I also have some issues to work on for next week. I don’t type as fast everyone else, and because of that sometimes I get behind on lessons. I’ll need to get better at that. I also need to start understanding Flexbox way better than I currently do. After talking with our Front-End instructor Collin today at the end of class I know that Flexbox is going to be an important part of the future of this class as well as development in general. So I need to learn it and learn it well. I’ve heard in movies that once you know the name of a thing that you take away some of it’s power. Since movies have never lied to me I hope this is true, because right now I know what my enemy’s name is.