Combining the two newest libraries from Jetpack to provide dependencies to Initializers


Step 1: Hilt dependencies

  1. In your project’s root build.gradle file:

  1. It suggests to use Initializer classes inside your Dagger setup.

Single expression function.

Animations. I mean animations.

© Walt Disney Productions — Walt Rights Reserved (source:


This does not give the full picture, so I suggest you keep on reading…

1. Keeping arguments in one line will make the change less visible:

The elephant in the room.


1. Do not use Reflection to violate limitations set by other developers.

here’s why it’s a game changer for Annotation Processing.

Annotation processors cannot modify exisiting code.

A story of a one-hour side project that took half of the night.

Story background.


Layout comments



If some part of your layout xml is not clear right off the bat (e.g. the existence of seemingly unnecessary View or weird parameter), mark your intentions with a comment (in this xml).


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