Speaking out: Kesha 
 According to Rolling Stones and The New York Times, Singer Kesha has been in an Manhattan courtroom crying uncontrollably while the judge says she has to continue working with the man who has allegedly assaulted her mentally and physically. Kesha’s former mentor Dr. Luke is one of the top hit makers in the industry, and he was denied all charges. Not only is it unjust and immoral but what is the message here? A contract Kesha has with Sony records should not be an excuse as to why she has to continue working with him. Her lawyer stated that it is not in her best interest to refuse working with Dr. Luke due to the fact that her career is at stake. Dr. Luke has to produce six albums on Kesha’s song based on the Contract.

Dr. Luke denied all charges and stated that it is an attempt to extort money from him. Dr Luke’s lawyer Lepera stated that Kesha is free to produce any music that she wants without Luke, and the fact that she isn’t “free” is a myth. Dr. Luke has said repeatedly, the allegations against him are lies that have been advanced to extort a contract renegotiation and money. Supposedly kesha and her lawyer have subjected Dr. Luke and his family to trial by Twitter, to destroy his reputation and they are not standing behind their claims. At what cost, to put her own reputation on the line as well and have her music career at a standpoint? It doesn’t add up.
 Kesha lawyers took the steps for an injunction against Sony records and against Dr. Luke. Kesha has a human right to be treated with respect and shouldn’t be forced by court ruling to continue working with someone who sexually abused her. More legal action needs to be done in order to bring justice, and despite what any contract says she has the right to stand up and speak for what she had endured. Other powerful artists such as Taylor Swift and lady Gaga had showed their support for Kesha by speaking out on the issue, and raised money to aid Kesha and add awareness.

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