SIGNIFICANCE will save your life, some fine day.

epic decisions are ahead for you, you don’t even know it yet
but I do, clearly
i am fuelled by benevolent innovation, because I see
what is about to hit you

Within 10 years, radical life extention therapies will roll out to the public. Now these are not your classic anti-aging rejuvenative regenerative therapies. This is extension on steroids.

Within about 20 years, these therapies will become widely available to anyone with a regular income.

What does this mean in #years, this radical type of extension? Well, you will have a chance to decide whether you want to live your life beyond 150, 200, 300… ok time to suspend ALL disbelief… to a 1000 perhaps.


“The first human beings who will live to 1000 years old have already been born” — Aubrey de Grey, SENS foundation

OK, breathe.

Yes, this is highly provocative.

But so was ‘flight’ & the ‘internet’ once.

World-class Longevity researchers & advocates of Radical Life Extension are everywhere and they are getting louder. These folks are in the trenches of the research & this reality ahead. It’s all about to hit you.

Breathe with me.

Settle into it, gently. It’s not so bad.

Let’s just simply wrap our heads around the implications of this first.

When you stand at this shocking crossroads, at this gate, some day in the near future, you will surely be looking at your life and assessing its SIGNIFICANCE from a very different angle.

Is it worth for me to invest in extending this life this much? Can I handle this radical length? Pause & feel into this.

You will be diving deep into

your value

your place in the world

your happiness

all the people you love

your body

your impact

You will be assessing the RELEVANCE, the MEANING of your life like never before. Am I worthy of this? What about the world & the numbers?

This is clearly ahead for us all.

I say, like anything, let’s get really LIT UP about this.

What I would LOVE to see for YOU, when you stand at this crossroads, is for you to pull from your heart a wild HELL YES!!!

I want this, I am so ready, I am goodness, I have so much to give, I am true source of benevolent innovation in the world ALREADY!

ALREADY is the operative world.

Time to start now, so that when you come to the crossroads, you are



My personal & professional suggestion is that you begin to design for your GENIUS.

Begin to design for the creation of a transcendent business, one that leverages your passion, your genius, your benevolence. One that not only transforms lives but innovates for the world and the wild future ahead.

This is a call to your HIGHEST life.

Nothing less will be acceptable for you at this gate ahead.

DESIGN your life & your business for your highest SIGNIFICANCE, for your greatest IMPACT & for a completion type of BLISS.
Start today.
It will save your life, some fine day.

I am so honored to be here with you. Thank you so much for the read! I am Dr. Denisa Rensen and I support women as they align & design their lives for SIGNIFICANCE, for IMPACT & for BLISS, your free guide to this is here

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