WORTH is totally worth it.

you deserve oxygen, you deserve gravity, just for simply showing up
for simply SHOWING UP

Worth is a pillar.

It makes or breaks the stability of your consciousness.

When you feel WORTHY of breathing, seeing, living, desiring, speaking, being in a room, you STAND like a strong backbone to ALL life around you.

Worthiness gives you that stable ground from which to grow your being, your love, your life. Without it, you are living on quicksand.

Why is unworthiness so rampant in the human psyche? It is such a nasty trance, one that takes over even the finest of Masters. At worst, you feel worthless. At best, you feel not good enough.

The psychology of unworthiness is very well delineated. For various obvious reasons, as we evolve, our inherent goodness is NOT MIRRORED to us. We take our definition from the environment as we grow and hence the perfect breeding ground for this worthless muddy state. Add-in societal shame, guilt & humility and you are set up for a steep climb.

Eastern psychology expands on this further and points out that it’s the identification with the ‘self-ness’ that causes the rise of unworth. All kinds of self-defeating thoughts & feelings come up in a day’s mind games, and if you actually believe them, attach to them, identify with them, they ultimately own you.

We are not even referring to entitlement here. Just simply WORTH! worth of being in the world, worth of sharing this space and time with countless of sentient beings. Worth of being loved, worth of being seen.

How do you rebuild WORTH.

  1. you kindly invite yourself back into REALITY and lucidly admit that you are born of the big Bang, of Star dust, that you are in fact as relevant as Elon Musk, Mother Teresa and the person to your right
  2. you relentlessly amplify SIGNIFICANCE, you zone-in on moments of heightened meaning, you shine a bright light on moments of awe & moments of great relevance, you become alert & aware of grace
  3. you loosen your grip on identification & become a WITNESS of your psyche, not an actor in it (see more on witnessing HERE)
  4. get support that mirrors back to you your inherent goodness, ‘YOU ARE PURE GOODNESS’ mirror, place it everywhere, BE the mirror if you have to!
  5. you feed LOVE and only LOVE
  6. repeat ad infinitum
Your worth is tailored-into you. And you know it!
Make refining your significance a priority, everyday.
Significance of others wakes in you, simultaneously. That is the beauty of it. Significance is, in fact, not personal at all!

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