barefeet, backroads, boys & bonfires


We were only in Mississippi for four days but we made the most out of our short time with my family and friends. While Mama was working, we would nurse our hangovers, go to town or sunbathe. When she returned, it was time to drink and make more memories. Mama took us to a couple of her favorite spots in the country while riding the backroads. My favorite place was the Refuge. It is a lookout point where no animals are allowed to be harmed and there is a telescope to get a better view of the surroundings. Jane and I went there again at night with my friends Kevin and Cody to stargaze. All of us saw a shooting star besides Jane because she was attempting to set up her tripod to take pictures.. which was a comical fail to observe. Everyone in the south jokes about mosquitos being their state bird. It is no joke! I forget how bad they are every time I visit but I was quickly reminded once the sun started to set. By the end of our stay, I had at least 70 bites and 20 of them were on my left butt cheek alone! Every night, we had a bonfire that blazed until at least 3 am. Everyone has nicknames in the South so it wasn’t long before Jane had a couple. Her nicknames were Judy (big booty Judy) and Ill (short for Illinois). My nicknames are Brit-Brit and Junior which are self-explanatory. Our last night, Mama prepared a home cooked meal of corn, black-eyed peas, lima beans, lettuce slaw, fried corn bread and meatballs with gravy for the meat lovers. Overall, I believe I was able to give Jane a true understanding of southern hospitality and an experience that she will never forget!

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